Numinous Grace Lodge organized

Numinous Grace Lodge is the newest local body of the Friary, an Initiatory meta-system and Outer Gnostic & Magical Order in the Western Esoteric Tradition, dedicated to assisting its members in realizing and advancing with and in the Sacred Flame.

Numinous Grace has chosen as their patron the Queen of Heaven, and is planning to do a number of workings focused on the exploration of the idea of the Divine Feminine and the mystical resonances between the many figures in myth and history which have borne that title.

“All the organizers of the lodge did a fairly standard set of divinations, and pretty quickly hit upon the idea of the Queen of Heaven as our patron,” said Magister TANDU, Sentinel of the Lodge. “We all wanted to work in a divine feminine mode, but were unable to agree on a specific mythic figure for our focus. Using the title of the Queen of Heaven allows us to be flexible in which specific figures we use in our personal work, while allowing for a group agreement on a figure of devotion.”

Numinous Grace is one of the titles of an Eastern Queen of Heaven; Mazu, a Chinese sea goddess. “I like the sound of Numinous Grace.  It just sounds so graceful and poetic,” said Friar Adeptus Major Lux Invictus. Other members of the organizing committee agreed.

Numinous Grace Lodge intends to have events open to the public, as well as events focused on the Friary which will be closed to the public. At present, The Friary operates on an invitation-only basis, to ensure that great care is taken with and for our initiates.